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Via Putti is that splendid road which, from Via Castiglione, leads to the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute.

Short but intense, going along it from time to time has a relaxing effect, perhaps also continuing towards San Mamolo. Shortly after taking it, if you look to your left, you will meet the large panoramic eye of the living room of Villa Gotti. It is only a fragment of the building, but it is enough to understand that it may be worth stopping and taking a closer look. close to "the most interesting episode of the entire local twentieth century experience". Commissioned by the industrialist Vincenzo Gotti, the villa is the work of the Bolognese engineer and architect Enrico De Angeli who, with it, gave the city a masterpiece of architectural rationalism.

- Francesco Merini, Corriere di Bologna -

The common areas available to guests include a lounge/living room, where breakfasts are served, a buffet room, a large terrace where you can relax in the warmer months.

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