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One of the masterpieces of architectural rationalism in Bologna was built on the San Mamolo hill: Villa Gotti. Its author was the engineer Enrico De Angeli, a mostly misunderstood genius, marked by anti-Jewish persecution. Returning to Bologna after the war, despite not receiving large orders, he left his mark in the fitting out of some important offices and shops (Schiavio and Corradi in via Rizzoli, Cremonini luggage shop in via D'Azeglio). He also carries out an intense collaboration with the Castelli company for furniture design.

The numerous studies and variations of this project give an account of the commitment that the young De Angeli dedicated to this first work of his; the refinement and articulation of the various parts lead to a very clean, compositional and distributional result.

Since then, an exceptional cornerstone of modern Bolognese architecture has stood on the hill of Bologna, still well preserved today, an intellectual manifesto that testifies to the full presence of its author in the cultural debate of the time, which goes beyond the strictly local context.

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